Songs From THE LION Compact Disc


Songs From THE LION Compact Disc


Songs From The LION is a 15 track account of the life of singer/songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, featuring music from his award winning play THE LION. With the help of producer Geoff Kraly, Scheuer poignantly leads the listener through the most influential and defining times of his life, including the death of his father, a relationship gone wrong, and his diagnosis, treatment, and cure of advanced stage lymphoma. 


Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Paper Music Records  
Genre: Alternative Folk
Producer: Geoff Kraly

Track Listing
1. Cookie-tin Banjo
2. Weather The Storm
3. The Lion
4. A Surprising Phone-call
5. Golden Castle Town
6. Cure
7. White Underwear
8. Saint Rick
9. Build A bridge
10. When We Get Big
11. Laugh
12. Lovin’ You Will Be Easy
13. Invisible Cities
14. Dear Dad
15. Three Little Cubs 

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